An investment that you will like!

An investment that will inspire new ideas! An investment possibility, which is limited!

The Possibilities

Panama is a country of sun. The geographical location offers excellent weather conditions. The economic boom, the growing electricity demand and rising energy costs create a unique and extraordinary opportunity to invest in the production of solar energy and generate high returns.

The sun is the most abundant energy source. Solar energy is as safe as its own source – with predictable daily income.

The Solar Park Panama Foundation is a Panamanian company with German founders. The ecological idea of generating energy through the inherent power of nature and thus alleviate it and preserve it for the future is, apart from economic performance, a priority of the Foundation.

Another approach of Solar Park Foundation Panama is to give an opportunity to a positive quality of life.

On a 90,000 square meter site (20 acres) a total of 16 parks will be built. With an investment in the first park you secure the additional appreciation of the property as well as additional revenue from the entire solar park.